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Thermal Conductivity Applications

Using one of the three search options below, explore the thermal properties of a diverse set of thermal conductivity applications, while delving into their research backgrounds with published papers.

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 Thermal Conductivity Applications HFM


A steady-state heat transfer system for measuring the thermal properties of foams, solids, and textiles.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications TLS-100


Portable thermal conductivity instrument for testing soils, powders, and solids.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications THW


Portable transient hot wire liquid thermal conductivity meter for testing liquids and pastes.



Transient hot wire liquid thermal conductivity instrument for testing liquids, pastes and powders.

Transient Plane Source Thermal Effusivity Meter TPS-EFF


An absolute method for measuring the thermal effusivity of textiles, fabrics, and solids.

Guarded Heat Flow Meter


A portable guarded heat flow meter for testing the thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of solids.

MP-2 application


An advanced portable meter with unique selection of transient thermal conductivity sensors for a variety of applications, with a focus on primary measurements.

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 Thermal Conductivity Applications Composites


Exploring the depths of composites to be used as building materials and furthermore, phase change materials.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Construction


Testing building materials, such as concrete and insulation, to ensure the highest of quality and the safest of products are used for construction.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Electronics


Discovering new applications for advancing and predicting thermal failures in modern electronic and automotive devices.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Energy


Using a variety of methods, including fuel cell diffusion media, to advance our access to eco-friendlier energy sources.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Geological


Analyzing the Earth’s endless possibilities for thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Insulation


Investigating the quality and improving the efficiency of industrial and household insulation materials.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Nanomaterials


Researching technologies leading advances in nano-refrigerants, -fluids and -textiles, to improve projects such as the eleven-layer space suit.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Polymers


Identifying polymers suitable for a range of applications, while paying close attention to the anisotropic properties they may have.

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Thermal Conductivity Customer Comment TPS 2500 STPS Testing

Dr. Felipe Chibante

University of New Brunswick – Richard J. Currie Chair in Nanotechnology

“We are very impressed with the TPS 2500 S to rapidly test the diverse systems we study within the Applied Nanotech Lab, such as nano-composites and nano-fluids. Of particular interest are anisotropic systems, measuring multiple thermal properties in different directions at the same time. Furthermore, I’m impressed with the capability of the instrument to be quickly learned and utilized by many students to provide reliable and accurate data. This apparatus and the broad thermal knowledge-base and expertise of Thermtest in providing timely support, has been very valuable for our Lab.”