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Metals and Alloys

The metals and alloys industry is vital across sectors from aerospace to construction, relying on thermal management for performance. Thermal analysis methods explore properties like conductivity and expansion, crucial for processes and applications.​

They inform alloy development, enhancing strength, corrosion resistance, and weight. Innovations driven by thermal analysis produce superalloys for extreme conditions in jet engines and power generation. In automotive, thermal analysis improves steel and aluminum alloy performance, boosting fuel efficiency and safety.

Sustainability efforts emphasize recycling and efficiency, where thermal analysis assesses recyclability and supports eco-friendly alloy development. Strategic thermal analysis drives technological advancement, meeting global demands for durable, efficient, and sustainable materials. Thermtest instruments help customers gain valuable insights into thermal properties of their materials.

metals and alloys

Application Notes

Thermal Conductivity of Titanium

Thermal Conductivity of Copper with Transient Plane Source Experiment Types

Thermal Conductivity of Zinc

Thermal Conductivity of ARMCO Iron

Webinars and Demos

MP-1 Demo: Asymmetric Testing of the Thermal Conductivity of NIST 8420 with Transient Plane Source

MP-1 THS: New Transient Hot Strip Method

MP-1 TPS: New 1-Dimensional Testing Module

MP-V TPS Demo: Testing Titanium Sheets with TPS Slab


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