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Ceramics and Glass

The ceramics and glass industry creates materials prized for their mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties across various sectors, including electronics and aerospace. Understanding thermal properties like expansion and conductivity is vital for optimizing performance. Thermal analysis ensures precise control of processes, influencing material strength and transparency. Innovations focus on materials resistant to extreme conditions, crucial for aerospace and energy sectors.

Sustainability efforts drive the development of recyclable and energy-efficient materials. Thermal analysis aids in designing materials processed at lower temperatures, reducing energy consumption and emissions. The industry blends artistry with engineering, continually advancing material science. Thermal analysis remains pivotal in ensuring new developments meet functional needs and contribute to sustainability.

Thermtest instruments help customers gain valuable insights into thermal properties of their materials.


Application Notes

Thermal Conductivity of Pyroceram® with MP-1

Thermal Conductivity of Ceramics with TLS 150 sensor

Thermal Conductivity of Ceramics with TPS-4

Thermal Conductivity of Ceramics using the TLS-100

Webinars and Demos

MP-1 Demo: Bulk Thermal conductivity of Small Macor Ceramic

Testing the Thermal Conductivity and Resistivity of Solid Materials using the TLS-100


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