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Thin Film

The thin-film industry drives technological advancements across electronics, optics, energy, and coatings, offering compact, high-performance solutions. Understanding thermal properties is crucial for optimizing functionality and durability. Thermal analysis characterizes conductivity, expansion, and stability of thin films, essential for performance under operational conditions. Challenges include achieving optimal thermal performance while maintaining material integrity, especially in electronics and solar cells.

Thin-film technology innovates sustainable solutions, like flexible solar cells, reducing environmental impact. As demand for sophisticated and eco-friendly technologies rises, the thin-film industry explores new materials and techniques. Thermal analysis remains pivotal in developing thin films for advanced applications.

Thermtest instruments help customers gain valuable insights into thermal properties of their materials.

thin films

Application Notes

Kapton® Thin Film Thickness and Thermal Conductivity

MP-1 with TPS: TTR-Thin-Film Module

Webinars and Demos

Measuring Thermal Conductivity of Polyimide Thin-Films using MP-1 Transient Plane Source Method

MP-1 Demo: Testing the Thermal Conductivity of Thin-Films with Transient Plane Source


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