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Testing thermal properties of batteries and battery components is a critical aspect of ensuring their safety and efficiency. This testing involves subjecting the batteries and components to various thermal conditions to evaluate their performance under extreme temperatures and to mitigate potential risks of thermal runaway or overheating.

Through methods like transient plane source, users can accurately measure the directional (Anisotropic) thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat of cylinder and pouch type batteries.

These tests provide valuable insights into the behavior of batteries during charging, discharging, and storage, helping to optimize their design and mitigate the risk of thermal incidents, ultimately enhancing the reliability and safety of battery-powered devices and systems.


Application Notes

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Webinars and Demos

MP-1 TPS Demo: Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity & Specific Heat of Large Pouch Batteries

MP-1 Demo: TPS Method for Directional Thermophysical Properties of Batteries


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