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Fabrics and Textiles

In the fabrics and textiles industry, thermal properties are paramount for comfort, safety, and functionality across various sectors. Thermal analysis evaluates properties like stability and moisture absorption, enabling the creation of textiles with enhanced features such as insulation and temperature regulation. Phase change materials (PCMs) are integrated into fabrics to maintain a stable microclimate, benefiting outdoor and sportswear.

Thermal analysis ensures textiles meet safety standards for protective clothing in firefighting and industrial sectors, balancing durability and comfort. Sustainability efforts are supported by thermal analysis, guiding the development of eco-friendly materials like biodegradable fibers and recycled fabrics. As demand grows for innovative and sustainable textiles, thermal analysis remains indispensable, facilitating the creation of materials that meet evolving consumer preferences and industry standards.

Thermtest instruments help customers gain valuable insights into thermal properties of their materials.


Application Notes

Thermal Resistance & Thermal Conductivity of Textiles

Thermal Effusivity of Leather and Cloth over a Range of Temperatures

Measuring Thermal Effusivity vs Moisture with TPS-EFF – Comparing the Performance of Two Different Fabrics

Webinars and Demos

Thermal Effusivity: A Conversation on its Efficacy for Measuring the Warmth and Coolness of Fabrics

Measuring the Effects of Moisture Wicking Fabrics and Thermal Effusivity

Initial Touch-Times and Steady State Testing of Foams


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