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Thermal Conductivity Research Paper Database

Thermtest has compiled the world’s largest thermal conductivity academic paper database. All research papers are searchable by method, authors, keywords, and titles.

The research paper database is dedicated to the Transient Plane Source (TPS), Transient Hot Wire (THW), Transient Line Source (TLS), and Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM). These techniques offer a wide range of applications, which is represented by more than 1000 papers represented in the database!

Explore the world’s largest thermal conductivity paper database.

Search Papers by Keyword

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Aerogels


Investigate the delicate physical properties, and the extremely low thermal conductivity of aerogels, for their use in thermal and acoustic insulation.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications

Boron Nitride

Thermally conductive Boron Nitride may be used as fillers and in films of many composites to enhance their thermal performance.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications

Carbon Nanotubes

Discover the extraordinary thermal properties of single- and multi-walled carbon nanotubes, in the 50+ research articles found in our database.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Ceramics


Use our selection of over 40 research articles related to ceramics, to discover their heat resistant and insulative nature.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Coatings


Investigating the thermal conductivity of various coatings, for their use as thermal barriers.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Concrete


Explore the high temperature resistance and impeccable strength capabilities of various concrete mixtures, for use in construction.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Construction


Advancing building materials, such as wood and insulation, to ensure the highest of quality and the safest of products are used in construction.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Copper


Identifying the effects of copper on the thermal conductivity of phase change materials and polymer composites.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Thermal Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Discover the variety of methods, such as fuel cell diffusion media, to advance our access to more eco-friendly energy sources.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Fillers


Investigate the customization of materials by adding fillers, to modify their physical and thermal properties, with the 50+ research papers in our database.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Providing insight on safer housing; enhancing novel protective coatings to maximize fire resistance in building materials.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Fuel Cell Diffusion Media

Fuel Cell

Monitoring the thermal conductivity of a new energy efficient and economically friendly power source alternative.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Glass


Discovering the thermal conductivity of glass based products, such as fiberglass for their use in construction.

Thermal Conductivity Applications Graphene


Investigating the thermal conductivity of graphene composites for use as thermal interface materials, or phase change materials.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Graphite Sheets

Graphite Sheets

A thermal conductive review of pyrolytic graphite sheets, for their use in many Panasonic electronics as heat spreaders.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Nanocomposites


Using nanoparticles as reinforcing materials within a matrix, to ultimately improve physical strength and thermal conductivity of the composite.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Nanofluids


Follow the research of improving the thermal efficiency of coolants, with the addition of nanoparticles, in over 60 scholarly papers.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Nanoparticles


Investigating the size dependent properties of nanoparticles for improving the thermal properties of nano-refrigerants, -fluids, -textiles, and -composites.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials

Investigating potential phase change materials as an aid to enhance renewable energy storage.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Polymer Composites

Polymer Composites

Identifying polymers suitable for use in composites for a variety of applications, while investigating the anisotropic properties they may have.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Resin


Enhancing the thermal conductivity of resins, with fillers, for use as adhesives in the thermal management of electronics.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Silicone Materials

Silicone Materials

Customizing polydimethylsiloxane by adding fillers to modify the physical and thermal properties of the silicone.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

Improving the thermal efficiency of industrial and household buildings, with innovative insulation materials.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Interface Materials

Discovering potential thermal interface materials and filler products, to extend the lifespan of electronic devices.