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The geological industry spans mineral extraction, environmental protection, and geotechnical engineering, relying on understanding thermal properties for resource management. Thermal analysis characterizes earth materials’ behavior, predicting stability and informing exploration and environmental assessments. In oil and gas exploration, thermal maturity of rocks indicates hydrocarbon potential. In mining, thermal analysis aids ore processing for efficient extraction.

In environmental geology, it evaluates material stability for waste management and carbon sequestration. Geothermal energy studies use thermal analysis to identify suitable sites for power plants. With a focus on sustainability, thermal analysis guides responsible resource management and environmental stewardship in the evolving geological industry.

Thermtest instruments help customers gain valuable insights into thermal properties of their materials.


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Assessing the Thermal Properties of Dry and Saturated Soils using the TLS – 100 Portable Thermal Resistivity Meter

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Dry-Out Curves and Geological Engineering Applications


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