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The portable thermal conductivity meters TLS-100, THW-L2, TPS-EFF, GFHM-02 and TPS-M1 are economical, easy to use measuring instruments for solids, liquids, pastes, and powders.

We provide the most extensive and comprehensive range of instruments for the precise and accurate measurement of heat transfer properties of a wide range of material types and temperatures. Click on any of the models above to view more information or click one of the three options below to help you choose the right model and measurement method for your testing needs.

Thermal Conductivity Portable Meter Customer Comment TLS-100 Icon


The portable transient line source TLS-100, designed with ease of use and convenience in mind, is capable of testing soils, rocks, concrete and polymers for thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity.
ASTM D5334-14 & D5930, & IEEE 442-1981
0.1 to 5 W/mK

Thermtest Portable Thermal Conductivity Meter THW-L2


The transient hot wire THW-L2 is well known for high accuracy thermal conductivity measurements of liquids and pastes. Measurements may be performed with a simple push of a button or with the included Windows software.
ASTM D7896
0.01 to 2 W/mK

Portable Thermal Effusivity Meter TPS-EFF


The TPS-EFF (Transient Plane Source-EFFusivity) is a portable meter for direct determination of thermal effusivity of textiles and other low effusivity materials. TPS-EFF uses a single-sided TPS sensor along with 2 and 10 second test times to fully understand measurement of comfort with touch time.
ASTM D7984-16
35 to 1700 W√s/m2K

GHFM-02 Guarded Heat Flow Meter Portable


A portable Guarded Heat Flow Meter for the Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Metals, Polymers and Composites. GHFM-02 follows the trusted steady-state approach, with the addition of a guard to limit the effects of lateral heat loss.
ASTM E1530-19
0.00007 to 0.25 m2 K/W

Portable Thermal Conductivity Meter TPS M1


The TPS M1 is designed for measuring the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat and thermal effusivity for solids, pastes and powders, which are low to mid-range thermal conductivity materials, like foam insulation, rock and concrete. Measurements may be made in single-sided or two-sided TPS sensors.
0.03 to 40 W/mK

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