Join us at the International Thermal Conductivity Conference (ITCC) and the International Thermal Expansion Symposium (ITES).

Thermtest has been advancing the measurement of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat since 2005. Our unique combination of advanced laboratory thermal conductivity instrumentation, portable meters, and corresponding accessories, enable us to offer testing solutions to fit most any type of sample, testing application or budget. Our highest priority is placed on matching the best testing solution to the application.

What sets us apart? Simply put, we are everything thermal conductivity. As Thermtest offers the industry’s most diverse selection of thermal conductivity equipment, we are uniquely positioned to offer the instrument which best fits the testing requirements or industry standard.

Our commitment encompasses all aspects of thermal conductivity required to meet the needs of our more than 1500 customers. This success has been achieved through development and partnerships to bring industry-leading thermal testing solutions to the laboratory, field, and production-line. Thermtest leads the market in most categories, such as bulk and directional thermal conductivity, lowest – highest thermal conductivity range, smallest – largest sample sizes, shortest – longest test times and highest testing volume.

We are the proudest of our customers’ satisfaction level, this is evident in our customer comments page and referral list covering most industries and applications.

To assist in development efforts and customers who have short terms testing requirements, Thermtest maintains a full-service thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat measurements laboratory servicing industrial, academic, environmental, government labs, commercial clients in North America and international markets.

Thermtest continues to upgrade laboratory instrumentation to meet the testing needs of our clients.


“At Thermtest, thermal conductivity is more than just our business, it’s our passion.” – Dale Hume, CEO

This passion for thermal conductivity begins with our people. With more than 60 years of in-house expertise in science and technology and more than 45 years of expertise focused on thermal conductivity, we are busy writing a rich history of innovation and making industry leading strides with thermal conductivity measurements and instrumentation.

In the beginning, our core values were simple – we wanted to meet and exceed the growing and evolving thermal conductivity needs of our customers with a comprehensive approach to our products. We set out to accomplish this and become an industry leader through strategic instrument partnerships and our own development and innovation in thermal conductivity, different than the often seen “one product does everything” approach.

We feature a world-class testing services laboratory, featuring 15 thermal conductivity methods. The invaluable experiences and knowledge gained daily, coupled with the ongoing collaboration with our customers and business partners, fuel our successes and passion to continue to expand and improve upon our full spectrum of innovative thermal conductivity technologies as we look to the future.

We will continue to use our critical knowledge and expertise to develop and provide solutions enabling our customers to have the right instrument to meet the needs of their demanding applications when they need it. Greater successes and better outcomes for our customers…we have built our brand on this approach.


Promise Statement

The Advancement of Thermophysical Measurement Technology is our brand promise.

Be the leader in thermal conductivity measurement technology by providing superior testing services and thermal conductivity instrumentation.

Through unique multi-testing technology, move the measurement of thermal conductivity / thermal effusivity to on-line applications for monitoring product quality and material changes.

Offer our clients the best thermophysical testing options to meet and exceed their application and budget.

Can’t find the right product for your testing?