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Thermal Property Conversions

This is a simple to use thermal property converter.

Select your property from the properties menu. Next select the desired units you would like to convert to and from. Enter the value you wish to convert and your result will appear immediately.

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*All results are approximate
Abbreviations Units
W/m⋅K watts per meterkelvin
W/cm⋅°C watt per centimeter-celsius 
kW/m⋅K kilowatt per meter-kelvin
calIT/s⋅cm⋅°C calorieIT per second-centimeter-celsius
calth/s⋅cm⋅°C calorieth per second-centimeter-celsius
KcalIT/hr⋅m⋅°C kilocalorieIT per hour-meter-celsius
Kcalth/hr⋅m⋅°C kilocalorieth per hour-meter-celsius
BtuIT⋅in/s⋅ft²⋅°F BtuIT -inch per second-square footfahrenheit 
Btuth⋅in/s⋅ft²⋅°F Btuth-inch per second-square footfahrenheit
BtuIT⋅ft/hr⋅ft²⋅°F BtuIT-foot per hour-square foot-fahrenheit
Btuth⋅ft/hr⋅ft²⋅°F Btuth-foot per hour-square foot-fahrenheit
BtuIT⋅in/hr⋅ft²⋅°F BtuIT-inch per hour-square foot-fahrenheit
Btuth⋅in/hr⋅ft²⋅°F Btuth-inch per hour-square foot-fahrenheit

th = Thermochemical
IT = International Steam Table
Btu = British thermal unit

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