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Innovations in the automotive industry are transforming vehicle design, fuel efficiency, and emissions reduction. Understanding thermal properties is crucial for enhancing performance, safety, and sustainability. Thermal management optimizes engine performance and ensures reliability of electronic systems. Advanced thermal analysis techniques evaluate materials used in vehicle construction, from composites to alloys. In electric vehicles, thermal management systems for batteries are essential for safety and efficiency.

Thermal properties also impact interior materials and HVAC systems, improving the driving experience. Sustainability efforts drive demand for materials that reduce weight and emissions, supported by thermal analysis for innovative cooling strategies. Integrating advanced thermal analysis enhances vehicle performance and supports the industry’s transition to sustainable transportation solutions.

Thermtest instruments help customers gain valuable insights into thermal properties of their materials.

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Application Notes

Testing for Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Diffusivity of Four Viscous Fluids (using THW-L1)

Thermal Properties of Automotive-Related Fluids

Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of Motor Oil

Measuring the Thermal Conductivity of Multi-Purpose Grease

Webinars and Demos

Measuring Automotive-related fluids with the Transient Hot-Wire method


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