Introducing the Portable Thermal Chamber

A convenient, non-destructive and innovative solution to measure the insulation performance of low-slope roofs.

Key Benefits


In-situ non-destructive testing for the R-value of low-slope roofs.


Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by identifying regions of low-slope roofs prone to heat and energy loss.


Lead a global initiative to reduce heat and energy wastage from building innovation.

Why Use the Portable Thermal Chamber?

A thermal envelope includes all materials that keep the inside air separate from the outside to maintain a comfortable temperature.

If not sealed properly, they can increase energy costs and reduce indoor air quality.

Low-slope roofs are common in commercial buildings but are prone to substantial heat loss if inadequately insulated. Current methods to measure their performance require destructive testing.

Our Portable Thermal Chamber will enable a non-destructive, less invasive measurement of a roof’s thermal performance.



Measured Performance
Thermal Resistance and R-Value
Additional Properties
Inside / Outside Temperatures
Low-Slope Roof
24 x 24 inch, Full Thickness of Roof
Testing Temperature Range
-10 to 60 °C
Operation Temperature Range
-20 to 40 °C
Steady-State Heat Flow

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