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Thermal Conductivity Research in Nanomaterials

In recent times, nanomaterials have been the leading runner in technological advances, and as it turns out, they may be able to resolve many of the worlds’ issues. Back when storing perishables in a cold cellar or nearby stream was still in use, hard-earned money was wasting away, as food was perishing before consumption. As nanorefrigerants were introduced to the refrigeration industry, people were able to remarkably alter their way of living. When dealing with the thermal management of the eleven-layer space suit, nano-textiles are out of this world! Nanoparticles drastically increase the surface area of a material, relating to an increase in thermal conductivity of the material, which in turn drastically reduces the size and weight of space suits. Whether these nanomaterials are being used in refrigerators or spacesuits, their discovery has drastically improved the lives of society and without cutting-edge tools such as the thermal conductivity instruments, innovations such as these would not be possible.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Methane Hydrates

Methane Hydrates

Research to facilitate the harvesting of methane hydrates, for use as carbon energy stores.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Nanofluids


Investigating the effects of pH on the viscosity and thermal conductivity of nanofluids.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Nanorefrigerant


Discovering the thermal properties of nanoparticles to be implemented in nanofluids to enhance nanorefrigerants.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Nano-Textile


Researching novel, innovative nano-technologies, such as carbon nanotubes, to further enhance the traditional space suit.

Thermal Conductivity Customer Comment TPS 2500 STPS

Dr. Yordanos Bisrat

Materials Characterization Facility, Texas A&M University

“I am very impressed with the prompt customer support at Thermtest. I had many questions regarding the test procedure, type of sensors and many more. All my questions were addressed very quickly and the online training was great and very helpful. Our TPS system is used in a multi-user facility and this system is very versatile for our needs. Having a great customer service is very crucial for us as we have users with very diverse materials.”