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    Thermal Diffusivity Testing Services

    Thermtest is pleased to offer thermal diffusivity testing services. Please select your desired thermal diffusivity testing method below to jump to the testing method or simply scroll down to view the available thermal diffusivity measurement methods.


    Available Thermal diffusivity Testing Methods

    What is Thermal Diffusivity?

    Thermal diffusivity (with a unit mm2/s) is the thermal conductivity divided by density and specific heat capacity at constant pressure while thermal conductivity is a measure of how easily one atom or molecule of a material accepts or gives away heat. Thermal diffusivity measures the rate of transfer of heat of a material from the hot end to the cold end.

    How to test for thermal diffusivity?

    Thermal Diffusivity is often measured with the flash method (LFA). It can also be measured with Hot Disc Transient Plane Source (TPS), Transient Hot Wire (THW) and Monotonic Heating (MMH). Our thermal diffusivity measurement methods cover a wide range of temperature and sample types. If you have any questions about these testing methods, please contact us and we will answer as quick as possible. 

    How much do thermal diffusivity testing services cost?

    If you only need a limited number of thermal diffusivity tests, then our contract testing services are what you need. Request a quote today or contact us if you have any questions. We have a full-service thermal testing laboratory to accommodate your thermal diffusivity testing needs using the best thermal diffusivity testing methods available.

    What is the thermal diffusivity of water?

    Wondering what the thermal diffusivity of water is? Check out our materials database to find the thermal diffusivity of water and over 1000 other materials. 

    Thermal Diffusivity Testing Services Customer Comment TPSMethod Used: TPS

    John Bortell

    Nitto Denko Automotive, Inc.

    “The professionalism and expertise of Thermtests staff is unmatched! I came to Thermtest with a unique material and wasnt sure exactly what test to have performed. Different tests and their nuances were expertly explained. A test was selected and a report was turned around quickly. For relevant testing, I will only use them from here forward.”

    Transient Plane Source (TPS) 

    Materials Solids, Liquids, Paste, and Powder
    Thermal Diffusivity Range 0.1 to 1200 mm²/s.
    Temperature Range -160°C to 1000 °C
    Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
    Standard ISO/DIS 22007-2.2


    Laser Flash Apparatus (LFA)

    Materials Solids
    Thermal Diffusivity Range 0.01 mm²/s to 1000 mm²/s
    Temperature Range -160°C to 1600 °C
    Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
    Standard ASTM E1461


    Thermtest Transient Hot Wire (THW) 

    Materials Liquids and Paste
    Thermal Diffusivity Range Up to 1.4 mm²/s
    Temperature Range -50°C to 400 °C
    Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
    Standard ASTM D7896-14


    Monotonic Heating (MMH)

    Materials Solids, Pastes, & Liquids
    Thermal Diffusivity Range Up to 30 mm²/s.
    Directional Measurement Through-thickness
    Temperature Range -150°C to 1800 °C
    Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
    Standard ASTM E2584

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