Thermal Conductivity of Pyrex Glass using the TPS M1 Portable Thermal Conductivity Meter

Feb 22, 2015Blog

Pyrex Glass was recently measured multiple times for Thermal Conductivity (W/m∙K) at 21°C using the Transient Plane Source (TPS) M1 portable thermal conductivity meter (pictured below).

Thermal Conductivity Blog Blog Feb22 2015The economical and portable Transient Plane Source Thermtest TPS M1 provides users the ability to measure Thermal Conductivity from 0.03 to 40 W/mK. The M1 is designed for analyzing thermal transport properties of solids, pastes and powders of various geometries using special two-sided or single-sided TPS sensors.

The Hot Disk TPS technique is celebrating over twenty-five years of development and is highly respected for the ability to simultaneously determine thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity from a single measurement, with limited emphasis on sample preparation and no complex calibration required. The ease of use and performance along with trademark high accuracy and precision makes the M1 a robust ideal instrument for QC testing.

In total three measurements were made using the TPS M1 to highlight the reproducibility of measurements. Mean thermal conductivity results were compared to literature values for Pyrex.

Pyrex: Thermal Conductivity at 21°C using the TPS M1 Portable Thermal Conductivity Meter

λ (W/m·K) σ (W/m·K) Published λ (W/m·K) Relative Difference (%)
1.118 0.002 1.14 1.9

Notes: λ is thermal conductivity; σ is standard deviation. Mean results reported for 3 measurements at 21°C. Test parameters included a 20 second measurement and 0.5 Watts power supplied to the TPS Sensor The mean probing depth during measurements was 10.2 mm and data points 11 – 200 were analyzed.

The mean thermal conductivity result of 1.118 ± 0.002 W/m·K for Pyrex Glass with the TPS M1 was within 1.9% of the literature value of Thermal Conductivity for Pyrex Glass.