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Applications using the TPS-EFF (Transient Plane Source – EFFusivity)

The TPS-EFF (Transient Plane Source-EFFusivity) is a portable meter for direct determination of thermal effusivity of textiles, fabrics and other low effusivity materials, in accordance with ASTM D7984-16. With a single measurement of 2 or 10 seconds in duration, materials can be accurately measured for thermal effusivity.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Solvents

Fabric and Memory Foam

Thermal effusivity of multiple layers and force on a polyester cotton water repellent fabric and memory foam.

 Thermal Conductivity Applications Solvents

Memory Foam with Compression Force

Testing Thermal effusivity of Memory Foam with a compression force of 1lb and 2lb

Thermal Effusivity vs Compression

Testing the Thermal Effusivity of mattress foam using TPS-EFF at different compression levels.
thermal effusivity vs moisture

Thermal Effusivity vs Moisture

Thermal Effusivity of fabric for bulletproof vests at different moisture levels.

Learn More About Thermtest THW-L2

The THW-L2 Transient Hot Wire Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is an advanced measurement system for direct determination of the thermal conductivity of liquids and pastes in accordance with ASTM D7896-14. Portable, economical, accurate, and easy to use. Get your results without the effects of convection.