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Applications using the GHFM-02 Guarded Heat Flow Meter

GHFM-02 Guarded Heat Flow Meter is used for measuring the thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of a wide variety of solids, such as metals, polymers and composites, in accordance to ASTM E1530-19. The GHFM-02 portable meter follows the trusted steady-state approach, with the addition of a guard to limit the effects of lateral heat loss. This design, allows testing of a wide range of materials with low to medium thermal conductivity.

 Thermal Conductivity of 3d printing materials

3D Printed Materials

Measuring the thermal conductivity of 3D printed filament materials

Learn More About Thermtest THW-L2

The THW-L2 Transient Hot Wire Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is an advanced measurement system for direct determination of the thermal conductivity of liquids and pastes in accordance with ASTM D7896-14. Portable, economical, accurate, and easy to use. Get your results without the effects of convection.