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Abstract: This study aimed to develop a new technique for thermal management in high powered gallium nitride (GaN) electronic and optoelectronic devices. The researchers integrated GaN with diamond through the process of depositing high-quality nanocrystalline diamond films directly onto the GaN material at temperatures between 450-500°C. Highly controlled growth conditions for the diamond ensured that it was of good quality. Thermal conductivity measurements using the laser flash method were performed on the new composite and the original GaN substrates at elevated temperatures to determine whether the addition of the diamond improved the thermal performance of the composite. Results confirmed that the diamond films did improve the thermal conductivity of the GaN substrates, indicating that this could in fact help enhance the thermal management of devices using this material.

Reference: Advanced Functional Materials 22 (2012) 1525–1530

DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201102786