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Announcement: Journal Article/Application Review

Announcement: Journal Article/Application Review

June 17, 2015

In addition to our new “Thermal Conductivity History Timeline” series, Thermtest will also be periodically releasing a “Journal Article/Application Review” blog post where a journal article or application sheet will be summarized and explored. The journal article reviewed may be recently published, or maybe a well established and highly cited paper.

On top of reviews of journal articles, this blog subsection will also look at the application of various Thermtest instruments to measuring the thermal properties of different materials. The measurements may be performed on bulk solids, liquids, standard reference materials, pastes, powders, thin films, and more! This application process will be documented in the form of an application sheet which will contain a brief introduction, experimental section, and results. The prepared application sheets show the accuracy and precision of the instruments used for the measurements. They will also function as tutorials for individuals, institutions, or companies that use Thermtest products for the measurement of thermal properties.

The first article review will be published later this week, so stay tuned and be sure to check out our new Thermal Conductivity History Timeline too!

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