Join us at the International Thermal Conductivity Conference (ITCC) and the International Thermal Expansion Symposium (ITES).

Thermtest and Laser Thermal Collaborate to Present the Renowned ITCC and ITES in Charlottesville, VA

Thermtest and Laser Thermal Collaborate to Present the Renowned ITCC and ITES in Charlottesville, VA

September 26, 2023



Thermtest and Laser Thermal Collaborate to Present the Renowned ITCC and ITES in Charlottesville, VA


Fredericton, September 9, 2023 – Thermtest and Laser Thermal are proud to announce their collaboration as co-hosts for the esteemed International Thermal Conductivity Conference (ITCC) and International Thermal Expansion Symposium (ITES).


The event is scheduled from October 27 to 30, 2024, in the picturesque city of Charlottesville, VA. For a detailed agenda and registration, visit the official website:


Thermtest, an industry leader in thermophysical property testing, is thrilled to co-host this significant event. Their unwavering commitment to refining methodologies and delivering transparent data has solidified their reputation as a top-tier provider of thermal conductivity solutions. Their comprehensive suite of lab equipment, portable devices and specialized services underscores their dominance in the field.


“Our relentless pursuit of innovation is evident in our state-of-the-art instruments,” shared a Thermtest spokesperson. “We believe in providing thorough and complete data, ensuring our clients grasp the essence of their results.”


Conversely, Laser Thermal champions the cause of accessible thermal measurements, especially in thin-film thermal conductivity. Their cutting-edge optical technologies facilitate precise and swift assessments, enhancing clients’ understanding of material properties. Laser Thermal’s mission is to equip the scientific, technological and engineering sectors with the tools and knowledge to decipher material thermal properties.


“Our vision transcends traditional boundaries. By integrating thermal transport with optics, materials physics, AI and intelligent design, we’re paving the way for a sustainable, technologically advanced future,” remarked a Laser Thermal representative.


The ITCC and ITES symposiums serve as a global platform for luminaries, researchers and industry stalwarts to share pioneering developments in thermal conductivity and expansion. Thermtest and Laser Thermal’s joint venture underscores their industry leadership and commitment to fostering innovation.


For an in-depth look into Thermtest’s offerings, visit Learn more about Laser Thermal’s expertise by visiting




About Thermtest

A global frontrunner in thermal conductivity and related services, Thermtest is synonymous with innovation. Headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada, with international outreach spanning Europe, Asia, and Latin America, Thermtest is dedicated to elevating thermal testing standards, serving diverse industries with precision and reliability.


About Laser Thermal

Laser Thermal is at the vanguard of thermal material measurements, with a niche in thin-film thermal conductivity. Their advanced optical solutions ensure swift and accurate evaluations, empowering industries with unparalleled insights into material properties.


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