Testing Modules

Testing modules allow the thermal conductivity instrument to be used in special applications: anisotropic samples or layered structures (Anisotropic Testing Module); high-conducting sheets or slabs (Slab Testing Module); measurements of thin films, coatings or adhesive layers (Thin Films Testing Module); homogeneous and heterogeneous solids, liquids, pastes, and powders (Standard Module); direct measurement of specific heat (Specific Heat Module); and high-conducting rods (One Dimensional Testing Module)– important applications across a broad range of industries and academia.

Thermal Conductivity Laboratory Instrument Portable Meter Isotropic Testing Module


For measurement of bulk or average thermal conductivity (W/mK), thermal diffusivity (mm2/s), and volumetric heat capacity (MJ/m3K) of homogeneous and heterogeneous solids, liquids, pastes, and powders.  Standard measurements can be made with TPS two-sided and TPS single-sided sensors for highest accuracy and maximum flexibility.

Thermal Conductivity Anisotropic Testing Module


Directional (axial and radial) thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity for anisotropic materials. This testing module requires the input of volumetric heat capacity; if not known, it can be easily measured with the TPS specific heat testing module. Anisotropic measurements may be made with TPS two-sided and TPS single-sided sensors.

Thermal Conductivity Slab Testing Module


Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and volumetric heat capacity of sheets or slabs. Ideal for thin conductive materials like steel, aluminum, copper, and graphite.  Measurements of samples from 0.04 to 10 mm thick, and as high as 1800 W/mK are possible.

Thermal Conductivity One Dimensional Testing Module


Designed for measuring along the length of elongated materials, like rods or core samples. This module is particularly powerful for testing complex materials, such as heterogeneous or anisotropic materials, which are difficult to test with standard testing techniques. This testing can be done with the standard two-sided or single-sided sensor formats.

Thermal Conductivity Thin-Film Testing Module


Designed for the measurement of thermal conductivity on free standing thin-films or coatings (> 0.01 mm).  The thin-film testing module is most widely used in the measurement of polymer films, however additional testing of coatings is also possible.

Thermal Conductivity Specific Heat Testing Module

Specific Heat

In addition to calculated volumetric heat capacity from the measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity, the TPS is able to directly measure, with high accuracy, specific heat. With various sizes of specific heat cells available (7 to 300 mm), unique testing of complex structures and heterogeneous materials is possible.