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One Dimensional Thermal Conductivity Testing of Elongated Materials such as Rod

The MP-1 with TPS 1-D Module is designed for the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity measurement along the elongated length of a material, such as a rod or core sample. 1-Dimensional Module is intended for measurement of solid materials along the elongated length of a materials, such as sample rod or sample core. Depending on the cross section of a sample, the largest available TPS sensor, which the sample will just cover is best. Power levels and test times are selected in the same manner as the standard TPS module. This module is particularly powerful for testing complex materials, such as heterogonous or anisotropic materials in an elongated shape, which are “particularly” difficult to test with standard testing techniques. This testing can be done in the standard two-sided or single-sided formats.

One-Dimensional Thermal Conductivity Testing by MP-1 with TPS