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Direct Measurement of Specific Heat

TPS Specific Heat Capacity Module is suitable for measurements on all solid/semi-solid materials. Specific heat module comes with room temperature sensor, which can be upgraded to special 300°C sensor if needed.

In this experimental method the samples are – during the transient recordings – kept inside an cell made of a material with high thermal conductivity. The cell is exposed to a constant output of power from a TPS sensor, which is permanently attached to the cell. The experiment is carried out over a period of time which is long compared with the time it takes to establish non-varying temperature gradients inside the holder and sample assembly. During heating, the temperature is continuously recorded by following the resistance increase of the sensor. Indications from series of measurements are that it is possible to thus obtain the specific heat of solid samples with an accuracy of a few percent.

A standard specific cell of 20 mm diameter x 5 mm in height is included. For testing of heterogenous materials, various sized Specific Heat cells are available.