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Thermal Conductivity Experiments

Ice Cutting Experiment

Instantly cut ice with the amazing high thermal conductivity graphite sheets. Get your own free piece of graphite to run this experiment.

Touch Metal, Touch Wood

Why does metal feel different than wood?

Calculating Length

Learn how to use heat flux and thermal conductivity to calculate length of a rod with unknown length.

Unburnable paper

Make Paper flame-proof using only a metal rod.

Heat Transfer Liquids

Comparison of the Thermal Conductivity of various liquids using a simple set up.

Material Variation

Effect thermal conductivity has on thermal resistance.

Length Variation

Effect length has on thermal resistance.

Surface Area Variation

Effect surface area has on thermal resistance.

Heating Water in a Balloon

Test and demonstrate the difference in thermal conductivity of air and water.

Temperatures Variation

Effect Temperature has on thermal resistance.

Specific Heat Test

Specific heat test experiment using a 3 different simple set up.

Antique Searle's Bar Experiment

Determining the thermal conductivity with Searle’s bar experiment

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