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TPS Application

The transient plane source is a powerful method for measuring the thermal properties of a sample. Find your material.


The thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and volumetric heat capacity of the ARMCO iron measured using the TPS 2117 sensor.

MP-V, , Fluids, Transient Plane Source

Calcium Carbonate

Thermal properties of calcium carbonate powder were measured via the Transient Plane Source (TPS) method using Thermtests' Measurement Platform Versatile (MP-V)

MP-V, , Powders, Transient Plane Source


The three different ceramic samples were measured with the TPS-4 sensor on the MP-2 portable meter at room temperature.

MP-2, TPS-4, Measurement Platform, TPS-4 Application, TPS-4


Testing the thermal conductivity of Copper with transient plane source

MP-1, MP-1 TPS, , Metals, Transient Plane Source

Copy Paper and Airloy® X116 (aerogel film)

Thermal Resistance and Thermal Conductivity of Copy Paper and Airloy® X116 samples were measured using the MP-1 Transient Plane Source method.

MP-1, MP-1 TPS, , Thin Films, Transient Plane Source

Diamond Paste

The diamond paste samples were measured with MP-V at 23°C in the symmetric configuration using the 3.2 mm radius double spiral TPS sensor (2117-1) and a TPS paste cell.

MP-V, , Pastes, Transient Plane Source


Measuring the thermal conductivity of the 2 epoxy samples, Loctite® AA H4500 and PRIMA-SOLDER™ (EG8020).

MP-1, MP-1 TPS, , Polymers, Transient Plane Source

Kapton Thin Film

Measuring the thickness of thin film samples with the MP-1 transient thermal resistance module.

MP-1, MP-1 TPS, , Thin Films, Transient Plane Source


Measuring thermal conductivity of neoprene samples.

MP-1, MP-1 TPS, , Rubbers, Transient Plane Source


Thermophysical measurements of polycarbonate thermoplastic from 10 to 100°C

MP-1, , Polymers, Transient Plane Source

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Measuring the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and volumetric specific heat of PEEK thermoplastic in the asymmetric configuration

MP-1, MP-1 TPS, , Polymers, Transient Hot Wire

Polymer Melt Cell Sample Holder

Accurately measure the thermal conductivity of polymers from solid-state, through a melt, and into the liquid state.

MP-1, , Polymers, Transient Plane Source


Measuring the thermal conductivity of Pyroceram® at extreme low temperatures with the MP-1 TPS + liquid nitrogen cooling.

MP-1, MP-1 TPS, , Glass Ceramic, Transient Plane Source


The thermal conductivity of Teflon measured with the MP-V MTPS was found to be in good accordance within 2% with the literature value of 0.3 W/m·K.

MP-V, , Polymers, Transient Plane Source

Titanium Slab

Investigating the thermophysical properties and determining the thermal conductivity of titanium slab samples.

MP-V, , Metals, Transient Plane Source

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