Announcement: Thermtest Exhibiting at the 1st Canadian Graphene and 2D Materials International Conference in Montreal

Sep 22, 2015Announcement, Blog

Graphene is a hot topic right now in the international scientific community, and just may become the most important material discovered in recent decades. Significant amounts of funding are being spent each year to develop new, and improve pre-existing methods of preparing graphene. Thermtest is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the first Canadian Graphene and 2D Materials International Conference, being held in Montreal, Quebec from October 14th to 16th 2015. There are a variety of companies from around the globe who are organizing and participating in the conference, involved in the research, synthesis and characterization of graphene materials.

The focus of our exhibition will be the Hot Disk Transient Plane Source (TPS) 3500 Instrument, which is a powerhouse in the field of thermophysical analysis. This elite system may be used for characterization, quality control, quality assurance and R&D, among others. The TPS 3500 system offers the ability to measure materials with thermal conductivities in the range of 0.001 W/mK to 1800 W/mK, with test times as low as 0.1 seconds. This large thermal conductivity range will allow the testing of almost any material, including graphite and graphene samples. Not only does the TPS 3500 directly measure thermal conductivity, but thermal diffusivity and heat capacity as well, all in one test! In addition to the wide range of thermal conductivity measureable, the TPS technique is an absolute method, meaning that calibration is not required.

More information about the TPS 3500 Thermal Conductivity Instrument.