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Circuit design for transient measurements of electrical properties of thin metal films and thermal properties of insulating solids or liquids

A circuit was designed for use in the transient hot-strip method for the determination of thermal properties of thermal insulators and electrical properties of thin metal films. The article describes how the output of power in the strip source can be kept constant throughout a measurement, and how a low voltage can be used even for thin metal films with high resistances....

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An extension to the dynamic plane source technique for measuring thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of dielectric solids

Using the dynamic plane source (DPS) technique, the thermal properties of highly and lowly thermally conducting materials were measured. The theory behind the technique is explained, and three well known materials are analyzed and the accuracy of the method is found to be within 5% of the actual value....

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Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of thin samples from transient measurements with TPS sensors

Using TPS sensors, the thermal conductivity, diffusivity and specific heat of thin samples of metallic materials have been measured. The article highlights that the TPS method can accurately predict the thermal properties of small sample sizes. In addition, specific heat capacity can be measured using slightly longer experiments. The measured properties agree with their literature values, and have high precision....