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Measurements of Thermal Conduction in Partially Saturated Specimens Using the Transient Technique

The transient plane source technique was used to measure the thermal conductivity of construction materials at room temperatures. The samples were tested under both dry and partially wet conditions. It was found that the thermal conductivity increased significantly with increasing water content....


Thermal Conductivity of Saturated Samples

This article is an excellent showcase of the ability of the TPS to measure the thermal conductivity of saturated samples. The author compares the thermal property measurement of dry and wet (40% by wet weight) building materials. The fast test time of the TPS enables it to get a reading prior to moisture redistribution affecting the measurement. A low temperature rise during the test further facilitates this. The design of the ...


An extension to the dynamic plane source technique for measuring thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of dielectric solids

Using the dynamic plane source (DPS) technique, the thermal properties of highly and lowly thermally conducting materials were measured. The theory behind the technique is explained, and three well known materials are analyzed and the accuracy of the method is found to be within 5% of the actual value....

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Estimation of U-value of traditional North African houses

This study looks at U-values and heat transfer for houses built in Libya, of which the majority studied were built in the 1970's when the locally produced building materials didn't consist of any insulating materials. Measurements of thermal conductivity of the various building materials were made. Additionally, the researchers developed a theoretical model that could estimate U-values from measured thermal conductivity values. It was determined that U-values were quite high, ...