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Abstract: When testing the thermal conductivity of moist specimens, an analysis of heat and mass transfer must be conducted. Thermal conductivity measurements require a temperature gradient within the sample, however when measuring moist materials, the temperature gradient causes the moisture to be transported and dispersed within the material. During testing, phase changes can also be experienced, which may lead to latent heat. For this experiment, the thermal properties of moist autoclaved aerated concrete samples were tested using both the heat flow meter (HFM) and the transient plane source (TPS) technique. The transient plane source technique is a fast and easy way to measure thermal conductivities of various materials. With the short test times, the moisture redistribution within a moist sample becomes negligible.

Reference: Transport in Porous Media (2016) 113: 345-355

DOI: 10.1007/s11242-016-0697-8