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Papers Author: Manuela Campanale

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Thermal Conductivity of Moist Autoclaved Aerated Concrete: Experimental Comparison Between Heat Flow Method (HFM) and Transient Plane Source Technique (TPS)

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When testing the thermal conductivity of moist specimens, an analysis of heat and mass transfer must be conducted. Thermal conductivity measurements require a temperature gradient within the sample, however when ...

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Autoclaved aerated concrete: experimental evaluation of its thermal properties at high temperatures

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This article studied the thermal conductivity of samples of autoclaved aerated concrete with various densities at high temperatures in order to produce data that could be used to assess and ...

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Experimental Evaluation of Thermal Properties of Grouting Materials 

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This article studies the thermal properties of grout used in geothermal energy applications. A number of different cement based sealants were analyzed by the authors to understand how the thermal ...

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