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Abstract: Rigid foams were prepared using quebracho tannins and their physical and thermal properties were determined experimentally. These properties were then compared to those of rigid foams derived from mimosa tannins and pine tannins to determine if the nature of the flavonoid affects the properties of the foams. It was found that the preparation of the quebracho tannin-based foams involved the same formulation as that of mimosa tannin-based foams, whereas the formulation of the pine tannin-based foams was quite different. This is a useful result because the market for mimosa tannins is large, whereas there is not yet much demand for quebracho tannins. The porous structure and thermal conductivity trends for quebracho and mimosa tannin-based foams were also quite similar, while different from those of pine tannin-based foams. The results of the thermal conductivity measurements indicated that for high density foams, the quebracho foams were more thermally insulating than the mimosa foams. This property is desired since one of the applications of these foams is building insulation.

Reference: Materials and Design 63 (2014) 208–212

DOI: 10.1016/j.matdes.2014.05.072