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Abstract: Sulfonated polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene-ran-butylene)-block-polystyrene (SPSPB) was used as a polymer matrix to create polymeric nanocomposites using graphite (G) and graphite-polyoxometalate (G-POM) as fillers. It was found that the nanocomposites had higher thermal and electrical conductivities than SPSPB alone, and that both the thermal and the electrical conductivity increased with increasing filler concentration. At all filler contents tested, the SPSPB/G-POM had both a higher thermal conductivity and a higher electrical conductivity than SPSPB/G. Increasing tensile strength was observed for the SPSPB/G-POM nanocomposite with increasing filler content which indicated that the nanoparticles significantly reinforced the polymer matrix.

Reference: International Journal of Materials and Chemistry, 5, 4 (2015) 85-90

DOI: 10.5923/j.ijmc.20150504.01