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Keyword: Transient measurements

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Use of the Transient Plane Source Technique for Rapid Multiple Thermal Property Measurements

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The researchers used the transient plane source (TPS) technique for the measurement of a variety of solid and liquid reference materials in order to assess the capability of the TPS ...

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An extension to the dynamic plane source technique for measuring thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of dielectric solids

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Using the dynamic plane source (DPS) technique, the thermal properties of highly and lowly thermally conducting materials were measured. The theory behind the technique is explained, and three well known ...

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Applicability of the transient plane source method to measure the thermal conductivity of low-density polyethylene foams

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Using the transient plane source (TPS) method, the thermal conductivities of a series of crosslinked closed-cell polyethylene foams were measured. The experimental values obtained were compared to measurements made by ...

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