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Fire resistance of wooden cellular slabs with rectangular perforations

Wooden cellular slabs with rectangular perforations are commonly used by civil engineers in settings such as concert halls, nurseries, hotels, airports, etc., for noise elimination and heat retention. In this study, fire resistance of perforated wooden slabs was tested in order to attain a numerical ...

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A slug calorimeter for evaluating the thermal performance of fire resistive materials

An equation for determining the effective thermal conductivity of fire resistive materials using a slug calorimeter was developed, and effective thermal conductivities were measured during heating and cooling cycles of these materials. The obtained values were compared to those obtained through measurements using the hot ...

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Insulation materials for the building sector: a review and comparative analysis

When referring to maximizing the energy efficiency of a building, one must first look at the contents of the structure: the make-up of the interior and exterior walls and the contents of the buildings envelope. Generally, when we think of insulation, we think of thermal ...

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