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Abstract: Three model polymer-bonded explosive compositions were prepared to determine the effects of damage on their mechanical and thermal properties. The composites were damaged in a controllable manner such that three different levels of damage could be produced, and the strain on the samples could be determined. The samples differed in the size of the particles that they contained, and the sample that showed the largest decrease in mechanical properties occurring in the sample with coarse particles; however, there was still a decrease in the samples containing fine particles, and thus it was determined that some damage had occurred in these samples as well. The fine particle samples showed no significant change in porosity or thermal conductivity over the three damage levels tested, indicating that the initially closed porosity of these samples was retained even after damage had occurred. This was not observed in the other samples.

Reference: Journal of Materials Science, 51, 2 (2016) 668-679

DOI: 10.1007/s10853-013-7378-6