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Abstract: This study investigated the use of oil palm shell as an additive for use in concrete. As the construction industry searches for methods to increase sustainability, using by-products produced by other industries to reduce the amount of cement required to produce concrete has become more popular, Oil palm shell is available in large quantities as an industrial waste product, is lightweight, and has the potential to help with thermal insulation. For this research, the authors prepared 15 different mixtures for testing, 3 different sand/cement ratios were used, and 5 different cement contents were used to understand how changing different factors affected the performance of the cement. The TPS instrument was used to measure the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of the concrete samples produced. The authors discovered that the use of oil palm shell improves the thermal conductivity of the concrete mixture. This study indicates that oil palm shell could be a possible option for aggregates in concrete production.

Reference: Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering) 70:1 (2014) 155–159

DOI: 10.11113/jt.v70.2507