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Abstract: Two organic phase change materials (PCMs) were investigated to determine their effects on the thermal management capabilities of electronics. The thermo-physical properties of n-eicosane and 1-hexadecanol were determined experimentally, and the two PCMs were then added to unfinned, and finned heat sinks. It was determined that a PCM with a high melting point is able to increase the time of protection from overheating; however, it was also determined that if a large heating power is used, a PCM with a lower melting point is more favourable because it is able to quickly respond to the increased temperature. Heat sinks containing internal fins were found to perform better than those without fins because of improved heat conduction within the heat sink.

Reference: International Journal of Thermal Sciences 70 (2013) 114-126

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2013.03.015