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William Wakeham

24th International Thermal Conductivity Conference Award Co-Winner 1997

A specialist on the thermophysical properties of fluids and intermolecular forces, William Wakeham has been Chair of the South East Physics Network (SEPnet) since retiring as Vice Chancellor at the University of Southampton. Earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics, Dr. Wakeham was a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, and later took on the role of Head of Department and Deputy Rector. In addition to his roles within the universities, Wakeham is the Vice-President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Chairman of Exeter Science Park, and member of the board of SEEDA. He has been recognized for various international prizes, including being Knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, and a Touloukian Medal holder.


Published Proceedings of the 24th ITCC:

Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth International Thermal Conductivity Conference, 24th, Gaal, P.S., Apostolescu, D.E. (1999). Thermal Conductivity 24. Pennsylvania: Technomic Publishing Company, Inc.


Most Cited Works by William Wakeham:

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