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Silas E. Gustafsson

27th International Thermal Conductivity Conference Award Winner 2003

Silas Gustafsson is the retired leader of the research group at Chalmers University of Technology, where he and his colleagues developed the transient plane source (TPS) method. Gustafsson began his successful career in the 1980’s when he and his wife started the company, Thermetrol AB, marketing and selling the thermal measurement equipment he had developed. From there, he partnered with K-analys AB to form Hot Disk AB, a recognized research organization by the Swedish Government. Throughout the years, Gustafsson has collaborated with several research organizations, including the Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, where he was the leader of a team studying heat conduction.


Published Proceedings of the 27th ITCC:

Proceedings of the Twenty-Seventh International Thermal Conductivity Conference, 27th, Wang, H. (2005). Thermal Conductivity 27. DEStech Publications.


Most Cited Works by Silas Gustafsson:

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