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Paul G. Klemens

12th International Thermal Conductivity Conference Award Winner 1972

Dr. Paul G. Klemens completed his MS degree in 1948, and was awarded a scholarship to Oxford University, where he spent three years completing his graduate studies in theoretical physics and collaborating with colleagues on research in thermal conductivity and phonon scattering. After graduating, Klemens returned to Australia to work as principal research officer at the National Standards Laboratory, and later moved to the United States, where he joined the Westinghouse Research Laboratories, leading the group that worked on thermo-electric energy, fuel cells, and the early version of the “Star Wars” missile defense technology. In 1967, Dr. Klemens was head of the physics department at the University of Connecticut, where he was a professor and supervisor of 13 Ph.D. students until his retirement in 1991. With a career spanning over 50 years, he has authored and co-authored more than 200 journal articles and patents, among them, one for his theoretical work on thermal barrier coatings, used in jet engines.


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