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John Koenig

33rd International Thermal Conductivity Conference Award Co-winner 2017

John Koenig attended both Rutgers University and Ohio State University, where he earned a BS degree and a MS degree in ceramic engineering. In 1980, after retiring from the Air Force as Captain, Koenig began his 39-year career with Southern Research as director of materials research. As the author and chairman of many technical papers and international committees, Koenig has received several prestigious awards during his career including being named a semi-finalist for the Air Force’s Charles J. Cleary Scientific Achievement Award and Silver Snoopy Award for outstanding research contributions. In 2016, leaders from the nation’s space flight community gathered to honor John Koenig’s retirement and collaboration with NASA, awarding him the Director’s Commendation Certificate for his expertise in high temperature materials.


Most Cited Works by John Koenig:

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