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Jochen Fricke

22nd International Thermal Conductivity Conference Award Winner 1993

Dr. Jochen Fricke was a physicist and professor at the University of Würzburg. After graduating from University, Fricke moved to the United States where he joined the research institute at the University of Pittsburgh. Two years later, Fricke returned to Europe where he worked as a research assistant for the Institute of Physics and was later invited to teach at the University as a Professor. Fricke was the co-founder of the journal “Physics in our time” and served as chief editor for 23 years. In 1991, Bavarian State Ministry founded the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, and in 1992, Jochen Fricke was appointed founding spokesman and CEO of ZAE Bayern.


Published Proceedings of the 22nd ITCC:

Proceedings of the Twenty-Second International Thermal Conductivity Conference, 22nd, Tong, T.W. (1994). Thermal Conductivity 22. Pennsylvania: Technomic Publishing Company, Inc.


Most Cited Works by Jochen Fricke:

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