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Didericus P.H. Hasselman

24th International Thermal Conductivity Conference Award Co-Winner 1997

Dr. Didericus Hasselman received a BS degree from Queen’s University in 1957, a MS degree from University of British Columbia in 1960 and received a Ph.D. from University of California at Berkeley in 1966. As a specialist in research on mechanical and thermal properties, and thermal stress fractures of structural materials at high-temperatures, Hasselman and his colleague Johnson derived the first expressions for effective thermal conductivity of composite materials. From 1977 to 1998, Dr. Hasselman was appointed Whittemore Professor Emeritus of Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute. In 1995, Hasselman established Thermophysics, Inc., providing laboratory instruments and testing services for diagnostics, water, soil, and regression testing.


Published Proceedings of the 24th ITCC:

Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth International Thermal Conductivity Conference, 24th, Gaal, P.S., Apostolescu, D.E. (1999). Thermal Conductivity 24. Pennsylvania: Technomic Publishing Company, Inc.


Most Cited Works by Didericus Hasselman:

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