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Charles F. Lucks

13th International Thermal Conductivity Conference Award Winner 1973

The Thermal Conductivity Conferences started in 1961 on the initiative and leadership of Mr. Charles Lucks, who continued to serve on the ITCC Governing Board throughout his career. Lucks joined the Battelle Memorial Institute during its first year of operation in 1930, and stayed until his retirement in 1972. During his time there, Charles established a technical group responsible for the development of precision measurement methods, and managed the Institute’s reference physical standards and certification program. In his 42 years, Lucks contributed more than 30 technical publications in physical property measurement and instrumentation, and was the author of the book “High-Temperature Materials-Thermal Radiative Properties”. In 1987, the C.F. Lucks Award was established in his honor to recognize the outstanding contribution of a newcomer in the field of thermal conductivity.


Published Proceedings of the 13th ITCC:

International Conference on Thermal Conductivity, 13th, Reisbig, R.L., Sauer, H.J., Faucett, T.R., Remington, C.R. (1974). Advances in Thermal Conductivity. University of Missouri-Rolla.


Most Cited Works by Charles F. Lucks:

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