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Pioneers Of Thermal Conductivity Measurements Vlastimil Bohac

Dr. Vlastimil Boháč

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Dr. Vlastimil Boháč began his thermophysical career in 1994, when he earned his Ph.D. from the Institute of Physics at Slovak Academy of Sciences for his thesis work on atomic diffusion in amorphous metallic glasses. Since then, Dr. Boháč has built a distinguished career as Senior Researcher and Lab Head with the Department of Metals at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava, Slovakia. As a specialist in the study of thermodynamics, particularly with a focus on contact transient techniques, Boháč worked with colleagues as a developer of the transient technique to measure specific heat, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of materials, and co-authored the patents for the pulse method that measures thermophysical parameters. From 2012-2014, Dr. Vlastimil Boháč served as Chairman for the International Thermophysical Society Conference, and currently serves as a representative for the International Scientific Committee, as well as a member of the International Thermophysics Conference Organizing Committee, the Editorial Board for the International Journal of Engineering and Allied Sciences, and a member of the Scientific Board for Thermophysics and Measurement Conferences. With a career spanning over 33 years, Boháč is the author and co-author of more than 60 published research papers. Due to his lifelong dedication and contributions to the scientific community, Dr. Vlastimil Boháč is regarded as one of the founding fathers of modern thermal conductivity.


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