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Measurement of thermal properties of polyaniline/metal from room temperature to 170°C

The effective thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity were investigated for polyaniline (PANI) composites containing iron and manganese at varying temperatures. Composites were prepared containing 100% Fe, 50% Fe and 50% Mn, and 100% Mn. It was determined that both the effective thermal conductivity and effective thermal diffusivity increased with increasing iron content. The authors attribute this increase to the increase in crosslinking density between the nitrogen in PANI and Fe....

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Thermal transport in chemically doped polyaniline materials

Four electrically conductive polymers were tested for their thermal transport properties to better understand their degradation mechanism with temperature. The samples that were tested were polyaniline polymers doped with varying amounts of nickel and aluminum. It was found that the thermal conductivities increased as the aluminum:nickel ratio increased, and that the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of the samples increased with temperature until they reached a maximum value, and ...

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