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Lightweight clay-based concretes formulated withwood aggregates: hygrothermal behaviour

Insulating materials were made from recycled clay waste using technologies developed by the author were tested for their thermal conductivity using the transient line source technique over a temperature range of 0-60°C. The clay used was ...

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The measurement of the thermal conductivity of solid aggregates using the transient plane source technique

For the prediction of thermal conductivity using theoretical models of a composite or mixture of components, the thermal conductivities of the individual components must be known. In this study, the needle probe method was used to measure the thermal conductivity of a mixture of powder ...

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Measurement of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and heat capacity of highly porous building materials using transient plane source technique

The authors used the transient plane source technique for measuring the thermal conductivity, diffusivity and specific heat of highly porous materials. This paper helped to demonstrate that the newly developed TPS technique wasn't just for the measurement of isotropic bulk materials. Different samples of wood ...

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