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Abstract: This paper discusses thermal conductivity measurements on homogenous and non-homogenous materials, using three transient methods: Laser Flash Method (LFM), Modified Hot Wire (MHW), and the Transient Plane Source (TPS). This article also compares the non-destructive nature of the MHW, and the TPS methods, to the destructive nature of the LFM. Research conducted on homogenous materials produced comparable results using all three transient methods. However, when testing non-homogenous materials, such as composites, anomalies between the results of the three methods were noted. During testing, the penetration depth of the sample varied among the transient methods, leading to inconsistent thermal conductivity readings.

Reference: 15th European Conference on Thermophysical Properties. September 5-9, 1999.  Wurzburg, Germany

DOI: 10.1068/htwu289