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Abstract: The thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of SRP (sisal-reinforced polyethylene), GRP (glass-reinforced polyethylene), and GSRP (sisal/glass hybrid fibre-reinforced polyethylene) were tested from 120 to 350K. Results showed variances in thermal conductivity values with varying temperatures in materials containing different orientations of sisal fibres. Due to the anisotropic nature of the SRP fibre, there is a difference in the thermal conductivity readings from the parallel to the perpendicular direction. The GRP fibre is isotropic in nature, and therefore the difference between the thermal conductivity values of each fibre direction is minimal. The thermal conductivity of glass fibres is enhanced, mostly in part due to the presence of iron ions. Researchers have also noted that due to the reduction in the mean free path of photons, the variation of thermal diffusivity with temperature is opposite to that of thermal conductivity.

Reference: Composites Science and Technology, 60, 16 (2000), 2967-2977

DOI: 10.1016/SO266-3538(00)00162-7